Leah Keogh is owner and president of LK Consulting, a professional consulting firm, utilizing Gallup Strength strategies to achieve peak performance in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Leah has been a business owner for more than two decades where she has lead, managed, and implemented strength based practices and seen incredible results, both monetarily and in creating a positive office culture.

Leah and LK Consulting are dedicated to assisting others with achieving these same results and has successfully worked with Fortune 500 Companies, law firms, ad agencies, small businesses, teams, managers, and individuals. Through her careful and hands-on approach developing both team dynamics and individual strengths, Leah has a deep understanding of assessing and leveraging each person’s capabilities to maximize a company’s performance.

LK Consulting conducts training seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions. Leah specializes in helping others become aware of their own strengths and how to bring their personal skills to light. This approach is the most effective method available to achieve results.

Leah’s passion for business and personal achievement are evident by the way she lives her life and in the businesses she owns. When not working, Leah enjoys working out, traveling, and spending time with her son.